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Booking Server Skeleton for Node.js

This is a reference implementation of API v3 Booking Server based on Node.js


Requires an installation of

Getting Started

Booking Server is implemented using standard Node.js without any additional libraries or frameworks for the simplicity of illustration purposes. If you are using any other frameworks you could easily change this implementation to Express.js, or MEAN.js, or any other Node.js-based framework of your choice.

The implementation is also not using protocol buffer libraries, but instead relies on simple JSON serialization and its JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() methods.

To download the project execute the following command:

git clone

The entire code base consists of only two JavaScript files: - bookingserver.js - HTTP server and requests handling logic, including authentication - apiv3methods.js - methods implementing API v3 interface

After you downloaded the files you can start the Booking Server by running the command:

node bookingserver.js

The skeleton writes all incoming and outgoing requests to console so you can monitor its execution for tracing purposes.

Shoud you need an IDE for code changes or debugging you can use Visual Studio Code or any other editor of your choice. Debug the project by starting bookingserver.js in Node.js environment and set breakpoints where needed.

Testing your Booking Server

Download Booking test utility. To install it, follow the provided installation instructions in its README page.

For the tests, you need to create a text file to store your credentials. Put your username and password there in one line, e.g. cred.txt file:


You also need an availability feed for your test merchants. In our sample commands below, we saved it with the filename avail.json. For Order-based test client, you also need a services feed.

Now, you can test your Booking Server with these commands:

  • Test calls to HealthCheck method:

    bin/bookingClient -server_addr="localhost:8080" -health_check_test=true -credentials_file="./cred.txt"
  • Test calls to CheckAvailability method:

    bin/bookingClient -server_addr="localhost:8080" -check_availability_test=true -availability_feed="./avail.json" -credentials_file="./cred.txt"
  • Test calls to CreateBooking and UpdateBooking methods:

    bin/bookingClient -server_addr="localhost:8080" -booking_test=true -availability_feed="./avail.json" -credentials_file="./cred.txt"
  • Test calls to CheckOrderFulfillability and CreateOrder methods for Order-based Booking Server:

    bin/orderClient -server_addr="localhost:8080" -check_order_test=true -create_order_test=true -output_dir="/tmp" -availability_feed="./availability.json" -service_feed="./services.json" -credentials_file="./cred.txt"

As you are working on implementing your own Booking Server, you may need to run additional tests against it (e.g. list_bookings_test, rescheduling_test, etc) with the goal of eventually passing all tests (-all_tests=true).