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Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package utils
import (
// Config holds all test configuration options.
type Config struct {
BookingAllFlows bool
BookingHealthFlow bool
BookingCheckFlow bool
BookingBookFlow bool
BookingListFlow bool
BookingStatusFlow bool
BookingRescheduleFlow bool
BookingCancelAllBookings bool
BookingUseBal bool
OrderAllFlows bool
OrderHealthFlow bool
OrderCheckFlow bool
OrderOrderFlow bool
OrderListFlow bool
WaitlistAllFlows bool
WaitlistHealthFlow bool
WaitlistBatchGetWaitEstimatesFlow bool
WaitlistCreateWaitlistEntryFlow bool
WaitlistGetWaitlistEntryFlow bool
WaitlistDeleteWaitlistEntryFlow bool
Conn *HTTPConnection
// ShouldTestBookings determines whether any booking tests need to be run.
func (c *Config) ShouldTestBookings() bool {
return c.BookingAllFlows ||
c.BookingHealthFlow ||
c.BookingCheckFlow ||
c.BookingBookFlow ||
c.BookingListFlow ||
c.BookingStatusFlow ||
c.BookingRescheduleFlow ||
// ShouldTestOrders determines whether any orders tests need to be run.
func (c *Config) ShouldTestOrders() bool {
return c.OrderAllFlows ||
c.OrderHealthFlow ||
c.OrderCheckFlow ||
c.OrderOrderFlow ||
// ShouldTestWaitlists determines whether any waitlist tests need to be run.
func (c *Config) ShouldTestWaitlists() bool {
return c.WaitlistAllFlows ||
c.WaitlistHealthFlow ||
c.WaitlistBatchGetWaitEstimatesFlow ||
c.WaitlistCreateWaitlistEntryFlow ||
c.WaitlistGetWaitlistEntryFlow ||
// TestSummary contains a summary of all test results.
type TestSummary struct {
BookingTotalSlotsProcessed int
BookingHealthCheckSuccess bool
BookingHealthCheckCompleted bool
BookingBatchAvailabilityLookupErrors int
BookingBatchAvailabilityLookupSuccess int
BookingBatchAvailabilityLookupCompleted bool
BookingCheckAvailabilitySuccess int
BookingCheckAvailabilityErrors int
BookingCheckAvailabilityCompleted bool
BookingCreateBookingSuccess int
BookingCreateBookingErrors int
BookingCreateBookingCompleted bool
BookingListBookingsSuccess bool
BookingListBookingsCompleted bool
BookingGetBookingStatusSuccess int
BookingGetBookingStatusErrors int
BookingGetBookingStatusCompleted bool
BookingCancelBookingsSuccess int
BookingCancelBookingsErrors int
BookingCancelBookingsCompleted bool
BookingReschedulingSuccess bool
BookingReschedulingCompleted bool
OrderTotalSlotsProcessed int
OrderHealthCheckSuccess bool
OrderHealthCheckCompleted bool
OrderCheckOrderFulfillabilitySuccess int
OrderCheckOrderFulfillabilityErrors int
OrderCheckOrderFulfillabilityCompleted bool
OrderCreateOrderSuccess int
OrderCreateOrderErrors int
OrderCreateOrderCompleted bool
OrderListOrdersSuccess bool
OrderListOrdersCompleted bool
WaitlistTotalServicesProcessed int
WaitlistHealthCheckSuccess bool
WaitlistHealthCheckCompleted bool
WaitlistBatchGetWaitEstimatesSuccess int
WaitlistBatchGetWaitEstimatesErrors int
WaitlistBatchGetWaitEstimatesCompleted bool
WaitlistCreateWaitlistEntrySuccess int
WaitlistCreateWaitlistEntryErrors int
WaitlistCreateWaitlistEntryCompleted bool
WaitlistGetWaitlistEntrySuccess int
WaitlistGetWaitlistEntryErrors int
WaitlistGetWaitlistEntryCompleted bool
WaitlistDeleteWaitlistEntrySuccess int
WaitlistDeleteWaitlistEntryErrors int
WaitlistDeleteWaitlistEntryCompleted bool
// HTTPConnection is a convenience struct for holding connection-related objects.
type HTTPConnection struct {
Client *http.Client
Credentials string
Marshaler *jsonpb.Marshaler
BaseURL string
// GetURL computes the URL for an RPC.
func (h HTTPConnection) GetURL(rpcName string) string {
if rpcName != "" {
return h.BaseURL + "/v3/" + rpcName
return h.BaseURL